The First Universal Church of Knowledge
The First Universal Church of Knowledge

Open.  Warm.  Real.  Inclusive.

We are a welcoming, caring community, seeking diversity, practicing openness, and encouraging personal, and spiritual growth.


We are working toward a just, free, peaceful and
compassionate world .

We ackowledge, embrace, and celebrate that there are many paths, and provide a safe home for religous burn outs, and spiritual seekers.

A parish of the Catholic Communities

of One Spirit


  • 96% of Americans believe in God, and are spiritual people.  Yet on any given Sunday, 16 - 20% of the American people are actually in church. 


  • Only 27% of "Catholics" attend Church regularly, and how many of them simply out of fear not to?


  • Clearly, the structures, and techniques used in previous centuries aren't working like they used to.


  • Is there a better way?  We seek to offer a "new" way of celebrating everyone's journey that is without any judgements, outdated, frustrating dogmas, or political motives of other churches.  


  • The message, and life of Jesus holds answers for all of us on how to live with joy, and a more abundant life. 
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Contemporary. Warm. Welcoming. Inclusive. The First Universal Church of Knowledge